Our care home signage is suitable for both dementia and non-dementia care homes to create a homely, familiar environment and aid wayfinding

What is Care Home Signage?

Care home signage is directional signage used for wayfinding in a care home environment. We offer signage solutions that can be used in dementia and non-dementia care home facilities.

Why use Care Home Signage?

People living in care homes need to be able to locate key areas within that environment and recognise spaces. This will include personal areas such as their own rooms and communal areas such as activity rooms, dining rooms and bathrooms. Signage for people living with dementia needs to incorporate a range of measures to communicate, including visual ‘cues’, colour and contrast theory, the relationship of text and imagery and even positioning on the wall.

Signage for people who don’t have dementia can also be used to make a care home environment feel more like a real home and less clinical such as ‘street-style’ signage and nostalgic signage.

Other products for care homes includes digital fish tanks, wall murals, memory boxes, Kodak digital displays, Picture This, reversible mirrors and retro TVs.

Where would you use Care Home Signage?

Care home signage can be used throughout a care home environment in personal and communal areas.

The Benefits of Care Home Signage at a Glance

  • Suitable for dementia and non-dementia care home environments
  • Incorporates latest theories in dementia communication
  • Promotes effective wayfinding which can offer reassurance and aid well-being
  • Can be used to aid reminisce therapy and nostalgia
  • Can create a homely, familiar feel
  • Aesthetically pleasing and age-appropriate