We offer a in-house CNC services.

We offer a in-house CNC services. If you require cut shapes out of almost any material using our flat vacuum bed CNC router

We offer a in-house CNC services. If you require cut shapes out of almost any material using our flat vacuum bed CNC router

We offer flat cut lettering, bespoke plastic cutting & fabrication, stainless steel & glass fabrication for display cases, sign trays/ pan-fold, Engraving, Art installation projects. So if you need material cutting we can do it.

  • Foamex/ Palfoam/ Palboard
  • Wood
  • Acrylics – Extruded & Cast
  • Aluminium/ Alupanel/ Aluminium Composite
  • Brass
  • Stainless steel
  • Engraved & Printed Machine Control panels
  • Polycarbonate
  • Polyester/ PETG
  • Corian/ Solid Surface Counter Tops

What do you require Cutting ?

We cut for customers & trade…

Acrylic flat cut letters


From 1mm to 30mm thick, acrylic flat cut letters are strong, long lasting and can be sprayed to hundreds of colour options.  To get innovative, chat to us about layering with luminous acrylic to create ‘glow’ effects, or simply layering with different colours to incorporate your secondary corporate colour.  As with all flat cut letters, these can be fitted flat to a surface or on nylon ‘stand off’ locator fixings.  Producing in thicker acrylic allows for a 3D effect, we’d be happy to show you samples and examples upon request.


Metal flat cut letters


Popular in stainless steel, both in brushed and mirrored finishes, we also offer lower cost brushed and mirrored in aluminium composite material. Metal letters can be used when the letter height is too small for built up 3D letters.  As stainless steel is available in 0.9mm thick sheets, it creates a thin blade like crispness to the letters, producing a high end feel and gives the sign a ‘floating’ effect when fitted with hidden locators.


ACM flat cut letters


ACM or Aluminium Composite Material (also known as Dibond) is a 3mm thick aluminium ‘sandwich’ like material with a light weight stabilising resin in the centre.  This means it’s incredibly lightweight and stable with a 10 year manufactures guarantee.  ACM is available in a range of colours in both gloss and matt so is perfect for low production and low cost projects with long tern external capabilities.


Foamex flat cut letters


The lowest cost material used for flat cut letters, this is a great material for large high impact installations to suit smaller budgets.  Recommended for indoor use Foamex can still be effective externally for a number of years.


Wooden flat cut letters


Choosing the right material for your brand and environment is a really important part of the process. Adding to our range of materials we cut helps to achieve the best results for our clients. Have you considered wood? Such as plywood’s with the thin layers adding a certain ‘designers’ aspect,  and hardwoods like the Oak pictured for Brunello Cugioga giving an earthly high end effect.


It doesn’t have to be letters & logos


Our CNC router can produce interesting shapes in a range of materials just like the letters listed above. Carrying a theme or adding a feature in flat cut materials from 1mm to 300mm thick is now easily achievable

Here is a list of Materials we can cut for you :-

  • Aluminium composite
  • Acrylic
  • Polycarbonate
  • Wood
  • Mdf ( All grades )
  • Mdf ( tricoya brilliant for signage letters)
  • Plywood
  • Real hard woods like oak
  • Foamex
  • HPL
  • Aluminium

Here is a list of typically signage letters we make at Cutting Edge Designs

    • Flat cut letters ( all material as above )
    • Chamfered / radius letters
    • Carved letters ( pristmatic )
    • Engraved cut letters
    • Channel letter ( built up letter )
    • 3d letter ( machined carved )
    • Painted letters